Kyoto University Alumni Service "KUON"

"Kyoto University Alumni Service KUON" Privacy Policy

Established October 1, 2017

I Purpose

This Privacy Policy has been laid down by Kyoto University (hereafter referred to as "the University") to protect the rights and interests pertaining to the personal information of Subscribers (IV-3 of the Kyoto University Services for Alumni KUON Terms of Service (hereafter referred to as "the Terms"). In accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Administrative Organs, and the Kyoto University Personal Information Protection Rules (hereafter referred to as "the Laws") in the operation of Kyoto University Services for Alumni KUON (hereafter referred to as "the Service").

II Objectives

This Privacy Policy covers all personal information registered with the Service, including personal information acquired and recorded by the University with the consent of the individuals and personal information provided to the University recorded or changed by the individuals themselves.

III Definitions

The definition of the Terms used in this Privacy Policy, as set forth in II, is as follows: Subscribers: Current students, graduates, faculty members, former faculty members, or members of the Kyoto University Alumni Association who have applied for registration to the Service.

IV Purpose of Use

The University will acquire and use personal information within the scope of the following purposes:

(1) Identification of registered applicants;

(2) Provision of various information and services (including by email, post, or other means of communication);

(3) Request for cooperation in various projects run by the University that are expected to contribute to the development of education and research at the University;

(4) Provision of member information to Kyoto University Alumni Associations (including Graduates' Associations and their members, hereafter referred to as "Alumni Associations");

(5) Registration and management of Subscriber search functions and Subscriber interchange functions, as set forth in III, V, and VI of the Terms; and

(6) Other operations related to the management and administration of the University (various surveys, analyses, business planning, etc.).

V Handling of Personal Information

1. Protection and Management of Personal Information The personal information of Subscribers and registered applicants shall be managed responsibly by the General Affairs Department of Kyoto University, in accordance with the Laws. However, the University shall not be liable for the third party acquisition of Subscribers’ personal information in the following cases:

(1) If Subscribers have disclosed their personal information through the Subscribers search function or other means;

(2) When an individual Subscriber is accidentally identified through information provided by other Subscribers of the Service; or

(3) If a third party obtains the aforementioned individually identifiable information (ID, password, etc.) due to mistakes, leaks, or other causes attributable to the Subscribers.

2. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

As a general rule, personal information held by the University will not be disclosed or made available to third parties without the consent of the individuals (except to provide member information to the Alumni Associations). However, personal information may be disclosed to third parties without consent in the following cases:

(1) In case of a legal inquiry from the Courts, police, other judicial or administrative agencies or equivalent thereto;

(2) Where problems arise in maintaining the Service;

(3) If a Subscriber violates laws or the Terms established by the University;

(4) When a Subscriber's actions of use have been determined to be a problem under social conventions;

(5) In cases where it is necessary to protect the rights and interests of the University or a third party;

(6) In cases where personal information is aggregated and analyzed in a manner which does not allow individuals to be identified; and

(7) When the disclosure or provision of information is based on other laws.

3. Measures for Personal Information Safety Management In order to appropriately manage the personal information held, the University appoints a manager for the protection of personal information, including subcontractors, takes necessary preventive measures to protect against unauthorized access and loss, destruction, falsification and leaks of personal information, and reviews implementation methods when deemed appropriate.

4. Consignment of Handling Personal Information In order to manage acquired personal information for the purpose of uses mentioned above, the University may entrust the handling of data to parties outside of the University. At the time of consignment, the University will select a subcontractor recognized as handling personal information appropriately, determine the matters necessary for the proper management and preservation of the secrecy of personal information in contracts to prevent leaks, and ensure the implementation of appropriate management.

5. Disclosure, Correction, and Suspension of Use of Personal Information

(1) In case of requests in accordance with the laws for disclosure, correction, or suspension of the use of personal information registered to the Service from the person concerned, the University will carry out the request for disclosure, correction, or suspension of use, as described in -.

In the event of a request for the disclosure of personal information from the person concerned, the University will disclose it after verifying the identity of the person concerned.

If the person concerned requests a correction of the contents of the personal information, the University will make the requisite addition, change, or correction after verifying the contents.

In the event that the person concerned makes a request for the suspension of the use of personal information subject to such disclosure, to erase it or stop providing it to a third party, the University will determine whether there are grounds for such a claim and respond. In addition, after the measures are taken, the person concerned will be notified to that effect without delay.

Regardless of the provisions in (2)(1), if the claim falls under any of -, defined below, it may be impossible to respond to such a claim. In that case, the person will be notified to that effect and provided with an explanation for the reason.

In case there is a risk of harm to the life, body, property, or other rights and interests of that individual or a third party

When there is a possibility that it will significantly impact the proper implementation of the University's activities

When the request cannot be responded to based on other laws

VI Revision of Privacy Policy

The University may revise this Privacy Policy in whole or in part in the future. Subscribers will be notified of any important revisions by email or other methods deemed appropriate by the University.

Established October 1, 2017
Partial revision March 1, 2018
Partial revision July 13, 2020