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Kyoto University Alumni Service KUON Terms of Service

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    Kyoto University Alumni Service KUON Terms of Service

    Established on March 1, 2018

    I The Kyoto University Alumni Service KUON Terms of Service (hereafter referred to as "the Terms") determine the matters necessary for the smooth operation of Kyoto University Alumni Service (hereafter referred to as "the Service"), managed by Kyoto University (hereafter referred to as "the University").
    2. This Service intends to deepen mutual cooperation between the University and its alumni through providing information to alumni from the University, and to support wide-ranging cooperation amongst the alumni through the search and exchange functions available to Subscribers.

    II The terms used in the following Agreement are defined as follows.
    (1) Current Students Students enrolled in regular courses in the Undergraduate, Graduate, or Professional Graduate Schools of the University
    (2) Graduates Students of a regular course at the University, Alumni, those who have completed their courses, and those who acquired credits, participated in research guidance certification, or made it to mid-term but did not complete the course.
    (3) Faculty Faculty members enrolled in the University, including executive members
    (4) Former Faculty Staff members previously enrolled in the University, including executive members
    (5) Kyoto University Alumni Association Members Individuals specified in Section IV of the Kyoto University Alumni Association Regulations
    (6) Personal information Subscriber name, address, graduation (or completion) year, undergraduate/ graduate school, telephone number, email address, work place, date of birth, and other registration items that identify the individual

    (Functions provided by the Service)
    III The functions provided by the Service are listed below:
    (1) Preferential treatment,
    (2) Latest event information,
    (3) Networking with current students,
    (4) Lifelong email address use,
    (5) Search function for subscribers, and
    (6) Subscriber networking function (PO Box function).
    2. The University shall send subscribers the content listed below:
    (1) Notices about the University,
    (2) Notices regarding Kyoto University Alumni Association (including member organizations),
    (3) Notices regarding the Service, and
    (4) Surveys that the University has deemed necessary to improve and advance its operations.

    IV The Service shall be available to current students, graduates, faculty members, former faculty members, and members of the Kyoto University Alumni Association.
    2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the functions of III-1 and IV will be provided to current students, graduates, those enrolled as full-time faculty members of the University. The functions of V and VI will be provided to graduates, those currently or previously enrolled as full-time faculty members of the University (excluding those falling under National University Corporation Kyoto University Foreign Teacher Employment Regulations or National University Corporation Kyoto University Invited Researcher Employment Regulations).
    3. Of the persons stipulated in I, those who have followed the prescribed procedures, provided informed consent, and registered for the Service at the University are subscribed to the Service (hereafter referred to as "Subscribers").

    (Compliance with the Rules)
    V Subscribers of the Service must comply with all contents of the Terms when using the Service.
    2. In addition to the Terms, use of the functions described in III-1 and IV, Subscribers shall comply with the "Kyoto University Lifelong Mail Service Terms of Use."
    3. The prescribed notices issued by the University to the Subscribers shall form part of the Agreement.

     (Changes to the Terms)
    VI The University may change the Agreement without obtaining the consent of the Subscribers in the following cases:
    (1) When changes to the Terms are in the general interests of the Subscribers; or
    (2) When changes to the Terms are not contrary to the purposes of using the Service, as defined in I and II, and are reasonable in light of the need to manage and operate the Service.
    2. In the case of a revision to the Terms of Use, as in the preceding paragraph, the fact of the revision of the Terms of Use, the contents after the revision, and the effective date of the change will be posted on the website of the Service for a reasonable period before the date of effect, or the Subscribers shall be notified via email.

    (Note and Responsibility of Subscribers when Using)
    VII The University shall provide Subscribers with the functions discussed in III and transmit information based on the contents registered by the Subscribers or third parties, such as alumni association organizations, with the consent of the Subscribers.
    2. As a general rule, the University will not participate in the communications or activities that occur among the Subscribers. With regard to problems among Subscribers, the parties shall resolve any issues and the University shall not be liable.
    3. The University shall not be liable for any losses or damages caused by the misuse of a Subscriber's ID or password by a third party.
    4. Subscribers shall endeavor to register, confirm, or update accurate information on their own and will be responsible for determining the reliability of the viewed information. In addition, Subscribers are responsible for their own actions while using this Service. In the event that the registration of inaccurate information is in violation of laws, regulations, or rights, Subscribers may be held liable for damages as well as face criminal liability.
    5. Subscribers shall take appropriate measures for the storage and handling of their IDs and passwords for the Service by themselves and shall not let third parties use, transfer, or lend the Service as collateral.

    (Prohibited Acts)
    VIII To ensure that the Service is useful to Subscribers, the following acts are prohibited:
    ・Acts that violate the law or that solicit or encourage such acts;
    ・Acts that violate public order, morals, and common sense;
    ・Acts that disadvantage other Subscribers, third parties, or the University;
    ・Acts that impose a burden on the servers or that interfere with the access or operation of other Subscribers;
    ・Interfering with the operation of the Service or the network system;
    ・Acts that infringe on the credibility, reputation, privacy rights, publicity rights, copyright or other rights of other individuals;
    ・Posting material that leads to discrimination based on ethnicity, race, sex, age, etc.;
    ・Claiming to be someone else or an organization or pretending to be affiliated or in a partnership with another person or organization without having representative or proxy rights (including claims made in error);
    ・ Collecting and storing the personal information of other Subscribers;
    ・ Duplicating, uploading, posting, transmitting, or distributing information related to services within the Service without permission;
    ・ Allowing the same account to be used by multiple people, or Subscribers permitting other individuals to use their accounts;
    ・ Sending (transmitting) content for commercial advertisement or promotions, spam mail, or chain mail for solicitation by means of the PO Box function;
    ・Any act that constitutes pre-election campaigning, election campaigning, or similar actions, or any act that violates public election laws; and
    ・ Other acts that the University deems inappropriate.
    2. If acts defined in the preceding paragraphs are confirmed, the University may take appropriate measures, including changing, deleting, or canceling registration information without notifying the Subscriber in advance.
    3. No questions or complaints regarding the actions of any violations of the Terms will be accepted.

     (Suspension and Termination of Services)
    IX The University may at any time temporarily suspend or permanently terminate some or all of the Services for any reason.
    2. If the University completely terminates the Service, the University will notify the subscribers within a reasonable notice period. The notification will be posted on the website of the Service and sent by email to the registered email addresses.
    3. The University shall not be liable for compensation of damages, losses, or other expenses incurred by the Subscribers due to the interruption or termination of the Service.

     (Subscribers’ Registration Information)
    X If any of the following is found to be true, the University may review the information, user history, and email registered by the Subscriber, and, in some cases, disclose such information to third parties:
    ・In the case of a legal inquiry from the Courts, police, other judicial or administrative agencies, or equivalent thereto;
    ・Where problems arise in the maintenance of the Service;
    ・ In cases where personal information is aggregated and analyzed in a manner that does not allow individuals to be identified;
    ・When the University determines there is a breach of social conventions or a violation of laws and regulations or the rules stipulated by the University;
    ・When required to protect the rights or interests of the University, other Subscribers, or third parties; or
    ・ When laws require the disclosure or provision of information.
    2. In accordance with Kyoto University's regulations on the Protection of Personal Information, the University will protect the personal information of Subscribers registered with the Service and comply with the privacy policy set forth separately.

    (Limitation of Liability)
    XI The University shall hold no liability if a Subscriber causes damage to a third party by using the Service.
    2. The University does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, reliability, or usefulness of the information that Subscribers may obtain through the Service.
    3. The University does not guarantee the operation of any equipment or software used by the Subscribers.
    4. The Subscriber shall bear the connection costs of carriers incurred when using the Service, and the University shall not provide any compensation.

     (Legal Procedure)
    XII These Terms will be governed under Japanese law. In addition, the Kyoto District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance for disputes arising between the University and Subscribers in connection with the Service or the Terms.

    Supplementary Provisions
    This Agreement came into effect on March 1, 2018.
      Supplementary Provisions
    This Agreement will be enforced from July 13, 2020.

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