• 「KUON」に登録・ログインするには、どうすればいいですか?
    How can I register and log in to KUON?
    ※ IDとパスワードはご自身で保管の上、紛失等に十分に注意して下さい。
    ※ ID(登録メールアドレス)は、卒業及び退職後も利用可能なアドレスを登録して下さい。
    If you wish to register as a new user, please click “New Users,” and register in accordance with your status (i.e. graduate student, undergraduate student, or faculty member). Once your registration has been completed, your user ID and password will be issued (note: your ID will be the same as the e-mail address that you registered). Once you have received your ID and password, please use them to log in to your members’ page (“My Page”).
    * Please keep your ID and password private and take care not to lose or forget them.
    * Please ensure that the e-mail address that you register as your ID is one that you can continue to use after your graduation or retirement.
  • マイページにログインすると何ができますか?
    What can I do in My Page?
    • 生涯メールの申請及び利用(転送機能の設定も可能)
    • 優待利用券の印刷
    • 住所・メールアドレス・パスワード等の登録者情報の変更
    • 登録者検索機能及び私書箱機能の利用 (※詳細は次のQをご覧ください)
    After logging in to your My Page, you will be able to use the following functions:
    • Apply for and use lifelong e-mail service (and also set the forwarding function).
    • Print out complimentary online tickets.
    • Change your registered information, such as your address, e-mail address, password, etc.
    • Use the directory search and mailbox functions (please see Q. 3 for details).
  • 『登録者検索機能』と『私書箱機能』とは何ですか?
    What are the directory search and mailbox functions?
    The directory search and mailbox functions are only available to graduates, full-time faculty members, and retired full-time faculty members. These functions enable you to search for other registered users by specifying search conditions (name, faculty, year of graduation, etc.), and then send messages to them. You can choose to keep your own details hidden or available to other users.
  • 『生涯メールサービス』について教えて下さい。
    Please tell me about the lifelong e-mail service.
    Kyoto University provides users with an e-mail address (your name + random numbers/letters@kyoto-u.jp) that can be used for your whole life. Although it previously existed only as an e-mail forwarding service, it is now provided through the Google Inc. Gmail service, and can also be used to send and receive e-mails.
    * Please note that the numbers and letters that appear after your name in the lifelong e-mail address are randomly generated and cannot be deleted or altered.
  • 優待特典を利用するにはどうすればいいですか?
    How can I use complimentary online tickets?
    After logging in to your My Page, please click the “Complimentary Online Ticket” button, and print out the tickets that you would like to use. Please check (☑) the appropriate “user classification” box on each ticket, and present the tickets at the respective shops or facilities.
    * Please note that the service terms and conditions for different for shops and facilities vary, so please confirm them in advance.
  • 優待特典の提供に協力したい場合は、どうすればいいですか?
    What should I do if I want to provide a special offer or service for KUON members?
    Please contact the Kyoto University Alumni Service at the following e-mail address: kuon@mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp. Please also do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
MAIL : kuon*mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp (*を@ に変えてください)

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